2018 Plan

Hi everyone! What am I doing this year with words and pictures, I hear you ask. Well, I’ve been working on this website to showcase my stuff which will include photography galleries, info about my upcoming novels, blurbs and cover art. Maybe even a store where you can buy stuff. The cover art I will be producing myself, because why not, but it will  require photographing some models with very specific looks so I’ve begun trying to improve my working-with-people-I-don’t-know skills by responding to call-outs for photographers for model shoots (see The Dragon Slayer), and there are a few more coming up. I already have some photos to work with for the cover art of one novel Rochelle’s Briefcase, just need to work it into a cover. I hope to get that done in the coming months.

So, to summarise my todo list for this year:

  1. Finish Novel #1
  2. Finish cover art for Novel #1
  3. Get cover of Novel #1 on website.
  4. Publish Novel #1
  5. Get more practice photographing models.
  6. Find suitable models for cover of Novel #2.
  7. Organise a shoot.
  8. Produce cover art for Novel #2 and put on website.
  9. Finish Novel #2… that might be next year!


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