Terms, Conditions and Agreements


Before launching into a shoot for any occasion, it’s helpful for all parties to be on the same page regarding what’s expected. This section describes my default T’s & C’s and Memorandum of Understanding between the photographer and the subject.

I can work in three ways,

  1. Someone hires me for my photographic services,
  2. I hire someone to help with my projects
  3. TFP, or Time for Photos, which is where no money changes hands but the efforts of all parties mutually benefit each other. Usually this is so the photos can be used in the portfolios of all parties involved for the purpose of self promotion: models, photographers, hair and makeup artists, assistants, etc.

Default T’s & C’s


These are fairly negotiable depending on each party’s requirements.

Quality of work is the same regardless of the type work. The main variant is the usage rights.


A refundable booking fee shall be charged to secure a date and time for the shoot. It will be refunded in full after completion of the shoot, unless the following occurs:

  1. Client does not confirm their availability at least 24 hours and no more than 5 days prior to the agreed shoot time.
  2. Client confirms but does not arrive on time to the agreed location without prior warning.
  3. Client cancels the shoot within 24 hours of the agreed time of shoot.

This is to discourage ghosting and no-shows. If communication is kept up regarding availability, you will very likely get your booking fee refunded.

Booking fees are payable via direct deposit.

The Shoot

Models/subjects/extras must organise their own hair and makeup unless agreed prior to the shoot.

It is recommended that all models/subjects bring a friend or guardian to the shoot.

Models/subjects/extras under the age of 18 must have parent/guardian’s permission to be involved in the shoot, and be accompanied by a guardian throughout the duration of the shoot.

All parties provide their own transport to and from the shoot location unless otherwise agreed upon at least 24 hours prior to the shoot.

Please also refer to the Comfort & Safety section.

The Delivery

Low resolution watermarked JPG proofs will be provided within 3 days of the shoot for the client to choose their photos for processing and/or editing.

Client then has 7 days to select photos for processing/editing.

Processing of photos and delivery time from date of client photo selection is 14 days.

Not all photos taken will be delivered. A minimum and maximum number of photos to deliver will be agreed upon with each party prior to the shoot.

Web-friendly and print-ready versions of all agreed photos will be delivered.

Web-friendly JPG photos will be optimised for download speed and storage while maintaining good screen quality.

Web-friendly photos for non-commercial use shall be watermarked.

Printable versions will be JPG’s optimised for the highest print quality and have the highest resolution of the camera, minus any cropping.

Cropping may be necessary to improve composition or to alter the aspect ratio of the photo, especially for print, or Instagram.

Web-friendly copies and print copies are not to be resold.

RAW files shall not be delivered. See below for the meaning of RAW file.

Unedited photos straight from camera shall not be delivered.

Physical prints shall not be delivered by default but can be purchased at standard printer’s rates.

How shall we work?

I work for you

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You pay RLWP an agreed monetary value for the photography and processing service.

Editing of photos may attract additional fees.

Photos are licensed for personal use unless specifically requested otherwise.

You receive the following usage rights for all selected photos:

  1. Print (for print quality photos only)
  2. Publish on Social media, websites (web-friendly photos only). Filters allowed.
  3. Credit to RLWP as the photographer must be attributed to all published photos on all media.

RLWP retains the following usage rights for all photos:

  1. Storage of RAW files for at least 12 months from date of shoot for the purpose of backup, future editing at the request of client.
  2. Delete all copies of RAW files and edited photos after 12 months if no communications received from client regarding photo storage.

Booking fee refunded as a deduction from total shoot costs.

I hire you

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You will receive an agreed monetary payment for your contribution to the shoot.

You receive no photos or usage rights for any  photos, however credit of your contribution  will be attributed to all photos as appropriate. Viewing of photos may be arranged.

Photos and personal usage rights may be purchased.

RLWP retains the following usage rights for all selected photos:

  1. Use for advertising, promotion of RLWP and/or associated products & services.
  2. Use for intended projects as specified prior to shooting.
  3. Print (for print quality photos only)
  4. Publish on Social media, websites (web-friendly photos only)
  5. Storage of RAW files indefinitely from date of shoot for the purpose of backup, future editing and other purposes.
  6. Delete all copies of RAW files and edited photos after 12 months if no communications received from client regarding photos.

Booking fee not applicable.

We work for each other (TFP)

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No payment is made between any of the involved parties for a basic TFP shoot. There are some exceptions.

A TFP shoot will be free of charge for the first 2 hours. Thereafter an hourly fee will be charged.

Travel to and from the location will be free of charge for up to one hour each way. Additional charges apply to longer trips.

A limited number of photos will be processed and edited for the equal use of all parties. Maximum 20 processed, including a maximum of 5 edited (See below for what this means) per outfit.  Additional digital photos can be processed and edited at the standard rates.

Each party shall have the following usage rights:

  1. Include the photos as part of their portfolios (online and print) for the purpose of self-promotion and gaining further professional employment opportunities.
  2. The photos themselves shall not be used for commercial purposes other than in the portfolios of the parties involved in this shoot.
  3. Print (for print quality photos only)
  4. Publication of photos as they are, on social media, websites, on-line portfolios (web-friendly photos only). No editing allowed, but social media filters are permitted.
  5. Credit to Richard Leonard Words & Pictures as the photographer and other parties as appropriate must be attributed to all published photos on all media.

Booking fee refunded as direct deposit.

A Word on Processing and Editing

The terms vary between photographers and artists but I make a clear distinction between the two as follows:

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  • Processing (or Post-processing) is the adjustment to a photo as a whole, of things like contrast, exposure, colour balance, noise reduction, cropping. Generally, if it applies to the whole image, I consider it “processing the image”. The price of processing is included in the price of the shoot.
  • Editing (or retouching) is when adjustments are made to parts of the image. For example: correcting skin tones in a portrait, removing blemishes or other unwanted objects from the image, replacing the sky in a landscape photo. Editing is not included in the price of the shoot and is charged on a per-hour basis.

RAW vs Unedited Files – What’s difference?

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An unedited photo is one that comes straight out of the camera as is. It has not been altered in any way.
A RAW file is not the unedited photo straight out of the camera, as many people appear to believe. It is a file that contains all the data that was captured by the camera’s sensor, plus your camera and lens settings at the time the shot was taken. It is used as a source for producing the final (unedited) image in the camera, as well as in post processing on a computer. As a photographer/editor/retoucher, I provide final, processed or edited images, not the RAW files, to clients.