Rochelle’s Briefcase

A young lady is forced to look after the briefcase of a disheveled stranger for one week. Don’t open it. Don’t tell anyone. Don’t ask questions. Just guard it with your life. In doing so, she rediscovers the past she’d been running from all her life, and a future she’d never imagined.

Rani’s Right

The hand-written diary of an Indigenous Australian girl tells of her year-long friendship with a Muslim exchange student years before a chance meeting on a plane trip to Europe. Writing on the advice of a psychologist after witnessing the brutal murder of her long lost friend, she continues writing about her attempts to find answers.

The Rogue

A dark rogue planet is hurtling towards the inner solar system. We have thirty years to prepare. Then it becomes certain it’s not going to hit Earth. But what happens after it hurtles past will be a far bigger problem.

Short Stories

The Mind Keeper

Extreme Programming

Let There Be Light

Bridie’s Love

The Antique Shop